Monday 27 February 2012

Hat patterns, part 2

Here are some rather nice hats from the 30's and 40's that are either knitted or in crochet. I’m a bad knitter and I have never been able to fathom crochet, but perhaps a hat would be a good project to start with. I really like that so many of these hats have a matching bag to go with them.

Vintage 1940s Crochet Pattern Clutch Purse & Fascinator Hat

The Pigtail, 1942


Complete book with 35 patterns


A crocheted fedora. Don't you think that the model and Tifa DeLeone look very alike?

Ruffled sailor hat, ca 1945.

Wide brimmed hat, 1939

Pill box hat, 1938

Checchia hat, ca 1946

Turban-like hat, ca 1945

Tam O'Shanter, 1939

Gay duet hat

The knockabout hat

Booklet from 1944 with 8 hat patterns and 7 bags.

Three turbans, ca 1942

Knitted beret


monika said...

I should start wearing hats! Decorative ones I mean, I wear practical hats - I'm knitting a beret right now.

Eva said...

Oh! I want the Gay Duet hat!
I can't crochet eitehr, but I trust that my friend and neighbour Anna can teach me - she can do anything.

JB said...

The Pigtail reminds me of the Predator from the films of the same name...

Was just about to start crocheting a new hat and was looking for a pattern so this was very timely!

Eva said...

And the pillbox hat - want that one too!

garofit said...

I've been drooling over those 30's berets for so long!

Isis said...

monika: I would like to do that too!

Eva: I suppose it isn't so hard, really, but I never really grasped it. Perhaps I should try again because there are a lot of nice patterns I'd like to have!

Betty B: LOL- yes, I can see that... And you will have to post your new hats!

garofit: I'm sur ethey would suit you prefectly!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the turbans and the Checchia hat. I regularly drool over the insane turbans in the Kyoto Fashion Institute collections - - perhaps I should try something like that out...

Isis said...

pimpinett: Do, do! I'm too self-concious for turbans so I have to enjoy them on others! :)

Lillgull said...

I have been thinking about the little hat with the flowers in the first picture for years-I collect patterns online and save the images for later. All the crocheted bags are soo lovely. A beret is so fun, and simple to make-It only takes a couple of hours. I can show you or help you crochet one if you like! There is a lovely little yarnshop at Roslagsnäsby called Trassel. Maybe next time we can meet up by the shop?

Isis said...

Lillgull: Oh I'd love to learn if you think you have the patience to teach me. I have never been to Trassel, so why not. :)

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