About This Blog

The origin of this blog was a plan I found in a Swedish book, Alla kvinnors bok (Every Woman's Book), from 1944. The plan shows how a woman who can sew can make a functional and well-matched wardrobe in four years, every year divided into two seasons. As I had already planned to renew my wardrobe in a style that was more vintage, I found myself thinking that it would be both fun and useful to use this plan as the foundation for my new clothes. I have been sewing for years and always had a love for retro styles and this project would ensure that my wardrobe won't end up with a lot of things that doesn't fit together.

As just sewing wouldn't fill up a blog, there are also posts about 1940's beauty and make-up, hair and movies, for example. Everything about the forties that interests me, in short. There are also reviews over the patterns I use, both re-productions of vintage patterns and old ones. I hope you will enjoy reading and feel free to comment.
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