Wednesday 12 March 2014

New knitwear with a vintage feel

I don't knit. I know how, but I'm not good at it. Or let me phrase it like this; I started a knitted sweater 20 years ago. It is not finished. But I'm also picky and though I love knitwear, I very rarely find models I like. I have a few of Rocket Originals sweaters and though I really like the model, they are a 100% acrylic and after a while that will show. They just don't wear well.

Enter Emmy Design. I love their knitwear. I like their other clothes as well, but they generally run into smaller sizes, but the knitwear generally comes in larger sizes. Knitwear also stretch and I always buy my sweaters in a smaller size than my cardigans. ED's knitwear are not cheap, but the quality are excellent and generally of a 70/30 wool/acrylic mix which works very well. And the design have a wonderful vintage feel to it,. A couple of months ago I splurged on this knitted sweater.

The Pretty Polkadot sweater

I also bought the beret you see on the pic and a matching shawl. The magenta really makes my grey wool coat more cheerful. I also feel very chic with beret and shawl matching each other. I have a white set as well (not from Emmy) that I wear with my red coat.

I also bought this one.

The Hepcat knit top

And to match with, and the item a love the most, this cardigan.

The Ice Skater cardigan

I have worn is so much this winter. It is warm. The colour is lovely. It flatters my figure. I want it in every colour they sell it it. Or I would, if they didn't sell other models which are quite lovely as well.

This is the same model as the Ice Skater cardigan, but knitted in cotton/modal instead of wool/acrylic to make it more suitable for summer wear.

The Campfire cardigan

The Moss Knit 40's cardigan

The Screen Siren cardigan

The Sweet Surrender cardigan

Moss knit 40's cardigan

The Cute As A Button cardigan

I generally prefer cardigans over sweaters as I like that you can wear them close for warmth, but unbuttoned if you want another effect. Emmy Design has quite a few sweaters as well, but I'm not all that drawn to them. I do like this one, though.
The Bowling Night knit top
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