Sunday, 16 February 2014

Spring plans

So, February is halfway through and of course I'm not done with all my lagging autumn/winter clothes. I have finished the faux fur, though, even if I haven't managed to take any photos of it. I have also cut out the grey wool dress, and I estimate that finishing that will carry me to March, and I have already promised myself to start working on the spring/summer clothes. So let's see what I have to do for year one:

Brown dress in silk noil, in three pieces, jacket, blouse and skirt. The blouse is finished, but not photographed. I plan to start with the skirt. For the jacket I want to make this one:

Dress in artificial silk, patterned with small flowers. Halfway done and have been for a long time. And isn't it funny that I found a fabric that actually looks like the one of the pattern?

Grey suit in flannel I have been talking about this one for years, but I have decided, there will be the grey tweed suit from Puttin' On the Ritz.

Raincoat in "natural" colour I'm stalling here. It just needs pocket, hemming and a button.

Black beret Will buy or sew, depending on if I find one I like, otherwise I have some black wool that will work well for it.

A bag in wind proofed fabric. I don't really have a need or inspiration for this one. I want, however, make a bag that match a spring coat in courderoy I have planned, so I will probably make that.

Just to cheer me up, here is what I have finished, or bought:

Black wool dress with short sleeves. Not a wool dress, but a cotton one, in my case, from Heyday.

White washable shirt dress

Grey/brown tweed overcoat. I couldn't found any born/grey tweed I liked so I bought a grey wool coat instead.

Grey beret

White beret

Black pumps
White fabric shoes
Brown bag in reptile skin

Black bag in suede

White washable leather gloves I don't think these are washable, but they are pretty.

Friday, 14 February 2014

A new beret

The Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 and this is the first challenge I have completed.
I'm participating in

The Challenge: #3 Pink

Fabric: Pink and rust wool tartan.

Pattern: The Three Hour Beret, a reproduction pattern from New Vintage Lady

Year: Early 1940’s.

Notions: Sewing thread and some black cotton poplin for interlining.

How historically accurate is it? Very much so, the pattern is a reproduction of an original 40’s pattern and though I deviated a little from the instructions, I am sure that people did that in the 40äs as well.

Hours to complete: I didn’t keep track of time as I did it in snatches, but I would say around three hours.

First worn: For these photos.

Total cost: No idea. The wool was a scrap of several yards I bought extremely cheap a couple of years ago, the notions were also already n the house.

I have wanted to do this beret for some time and as I’m also making a reversible coat with the pink/rust tartan, I thought a matching beret would look nice with it. The pattern was a little quirky and it was great fun to sew it. Unfortunately when padded and worn straight it looked absolutely awful on me. So I removed the padding and tilted it instead and it looked much better, if not exactly as intended. For another face shape I am sure it will look smashing as it was intended.

Here are a few versions made by New Vintage Lady.

I also realize how long it is since I posted any pictures of me, because I cut off my hair in November and these are these are the very first photos of it. I am vastly pleased with it and will keep it short for a while. I’m due to a new haircut soon, though.
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