Monday, 13 May 2013

Spring and sewing plans

LIFE May 1946 via Johanna Öst
Long time, no see, I know. Most of this year has been about the 18th century. I have finished four projects, and I am quite pleased with them. Especially this gown that I finished last week. I felt like a princess all day! But now I feel quite tired of the 18th century and very eager to come back to the 40’s! It’s finally spring here in Sweden and I want to feel shiny and new. During the weekend I looked through the spring/summer wardrobe and the realization that I have started on a lot of the garments, but finished very few. I am very aware of my tendency to never finish my projects and one of my goals this year is to finish as many of them as possible. My check revealed that many of these started projects have very little left to be finished, so if I make an effort now, I will probably feel very accomplished soon.
# Dress in artificial silk with a flowered pattern. Cut out and partly sewn together.
# White shirtwaist dress Needs buttons, buttonholes and hemming.
# Raincoat Needs cuffs and pockets and then the two layers are to be attached.
# Yellow and white sundress in three parts. The skirt needs a buttonhole and to be hemmed. The blouse needs hemming. The bolero needs the collar to be finished and sleeves and bottom hemmed.
# Dotted dress Needs a zipper, the shoulder straps needs to be attached and hemming
I need to finish these and then I have more to sew.
#Brown suit and blouse in silk noil Fabric ready
# Green blouse in silk noil Fabric ready
# Black beret Fabric ready, or possible to be bought.
# Grey suit in flannel
# Coat in a sand colour
I do have some sewing ahead as I also want to finish the brown tailored jacket before I start the flannel suit. This week I’m focusing on the projects with the least work left, just so I can feel good when they are finished. Right now I’m hemming the sleeves of the bolero. When it comes to the coat I feel a bit uncertain. “Sand” colour sounds like it ought to be a kind of beige, which is a very unflattering colour on me. But sand can be white, grey and brown, so I will try to find a colour that suits me better.
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