Sunday, 10 August 2014

New summer dress

 Despite the dearth of posts here I have not abandoned my wardrobe project. In fact, I have several things finished, I just haven't got around taking any pictures of it. Bad me. Anyway, today we went for a picknic at Skokloster Castle, an absolutely wonderful 17th century caste a little bit north of Stockholm, and a few photos were taken: a shirt and skirt in brown silk noil for the spring/summer year 1 wardrobe. There is supposed to be a jacket in the same material but that isn't finished yet and it would have been too hot to wear it even if it was.
It is very hard to take pictures in our family without at least one animal. Here is Lipton.

With the castle in the background.
The straw hat is from the late 40's/early 50's and I found it at Pretty Bones Jefferson at Etsy.

It is a bit of a frankenpatten. The top is taken from this Vintage Vogue pattern and I plan to make the jacket to match, the skirt is the bottom part from a vintage 40's pattern. I'm quite pleased with it and silk noil is lovely to work with and drape well. It is also cool and nice to wear in summer.

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