Sunday, 18 November 2012

Blogging my age?

Me three times, about 20 years apart.


I have been thinking a little about age, blogging and vintage ever since I read a thread on the subject on TFL. Vintage blogs written by women over 40 were especially asked for and in the discussion that followed some expressed a concern that they were too old for wearing vintage.
I am 42, so yes, my blog is written by a woman who is over 40. Does that make my blog especially interesting for the 40+? I don’t write with a certain age in mind, I write with for people with a certain interest. I don’t read blogs based on age either, I read blogs that interest me. But perhaps I’m the odd one out? People I spend time with have an age range that spans over 40 years and if it doesn’t concern me in “real life”, then it stands to reason that I don’t care about it online. Do you search out blogs written by your age peers? I do read quite a few blog written by my age peers and I think a similar age perspective may be part of why I find them interesting, On the whole, though, I think the majority of the blogs I read are written by women who are younger than me. Most people who blog are a generation younger than me, after all.

As for being too old to dress vintage, I guess that stems from an idea that this is a sub-culture for the young. I don’t subscribe to that view. We all have different approaches to what we wear, vintage or not, and it is only natral that age play a part in what we choose to wear. I don’t dress the same as I did 20 years ago and I am certain that would hold true even if I had been into vintage dressing then. Taste evolves, after all.

But, in the 40’s, youth was more interesting than age in Hollywood and the stars that we adore were, most of them, in their twenties. And somewhat by default, most pictures here depict young women. So here are a few pictures of beautiful and glamorous women who were in their forties, or more, in the 40's.

Katherine Hepburn, born 1907, in 1947.


Elsa Lanchester, born 1902, in 1949.

Lägg till bildtext

Irene Dunne, born 1898.


 In 1940.


Bette Davies, born 1908, in 1950.


Margaret Dumont, born in 1882.


Lillian Gish, born 1893, in 1937.



Judith Anderson, born 1897 in 1936.



Mae West, born 1893 in 1941.


Gloria Swanson, born 1899, in 1941.




Laurence said...

It's not a problem to be over 40 for vintage or blogging....
I'm 34 and it's true that I feel old in the bloggin' world... but I have some friends over 50 who are wearing vintage, you can be stylish at every age, isn't it?
Moreover, I think that my present self looks better than 15 years ago... said...

I'm 45, so I find your blog interesting because of both the subject and the perspective you bring to it. You can't be too old for vintage!

Bunny Moreno said...

I am 36 going on 37 soon and I agree with you-I do not blog for my age range but about what I am passionate about-vintage esp the 1940s. I also don't rd blogs based on age either-I have friends all sorts of ages. Some of my good friends are 27, some are 44, one is 85. I love the photos that you put up-I love celebrating womanhood at all stages and boy do we have many!!! xox Bunny

superheidi said...

Great list!

Dangtryagain said...

I read blogs for content, not age. Some of my friends (suprise...they are younger..20 ish) think that I should only dress in modern stuff, to look younger. I think I look better, and I feel better about myself then I did when I was their age. No one is gonna stop me from enjoying my interests and pastimes.

Artemisia Moltabocca said...

I'm 4*COUGH!*. I seek blogs that have the information I'm looking for. Talent knows no age. I don't care if the blog is written by a teenager or a 70+ year old. Actually, I subscribe to a few.

I blog about what interests me. I don't see how interests have an age barrier.

Too old for vintage? Isn't that an oxymoron? :)

I'm interested in all time periods of clothing from medieval to now. Well, with the exception of the '80s. I don't think I'll create a t-shirt with shoulder pads anytime soon.

LollyWillowes said...

Fabulous photos. I find that a rather silly attitude, after all, what did women of the past wear but the clothes and styles we like to emulate now and much of it is far more flattering to older women than a lot of what is supposed to be now. Not everything from the past is teenage/twenties style. I have no wish to look like mutton dressed as lamb, I am the age I am, we all age, it's a natural process. I have friends in various age groups, always have, but I suppose I tend towards those with a more mature attitude. I think it comes from being an only child and being around adults so much.

funwithvintage said...

I think it's crazy that women over 40 shouldn't wear vintage! I don't read blogs only written by women my age - in fact I'd guess that most of the blogs I read are by women in their 30s. Also I certainly plan on being in my 40s someday, and I would hope I still get to wear gorgeous clothes!

I love all the photos. Mae West especially, I just think she's fun.

RetroGran said...

I am 48, soon to be 49 and new to blogging. I will occasionally write about aging skin, etc. but mostly I like to be age neutral. ;-) I do have friends that tell me the way I dress makes me look older and even have one child that tells me I look old fashioned. Oh well, I like it so thats all that matters.

VeraVenus said...

Ever year about 6 weeks before another birthday I start thinking about age, clothes, the clothes for my next age. I'll be 56 soon and for me not wearing vintage would be just like just giving up on getting dressed at all. I think though as I've gotten older the decades I can wear well are going backwards... I rarely wear things later than mid 60's or else I feel I just look like maybe I never cleaned out my closet since my youth. I used to be very purist about my retro looks... now much more eclectic and mixing up the decades.
Wear it like you mean it and I think anyone of any age can pull off vintage looks.

Lil said...

I too, do not think about age when blogging or reading other peoples blogs, as I mostly read blogs by women who are older than myself, as I am quite a young blogger. As to the queries about whether you can ever be too old to wear vintage, i completely
disagree, as it matters about how you wear the vintage and what vintage look you are going for, as for example, younger women may opt for the more daring pinup look than the slightly older women. It is all about the pieces you choose and how you wear them.
Love Lil x

missfairchildscharmschool said...

I also read blogs that interest me, rather than by age. I don't see how vintage should be for the looks great on anyone.

Desirae Day said...

I agree with all the comments before me. At 33, I am also older than several vintage bloggers, but I don't think it has to be limited to a certain age. I love that the community is so diverse. I look at those just starting out in their teens and am happy that the culture will continue. It also reminds me of when I first started dressing vintage. I look at those who are older than me who dress vintage, and am grateful that they are proving it isn't restricted to a younger age, and that it isn't just a trend. Every age has a different perspective to life that I also thinks adds to the culture. I don't ever see a time where I don't dress this way. It is who I am no matter how many years pass.

Ange said...

Fabulous and in your forties- that's me. I'm 41 and have only recently discovered the joys and liberation of vintage clothing and repro vintage (probably about 2 years) and so I wholeheartedly appreciate the gorgeous photos of these stunners! I'm happier with myself now than ever before- there's something about turning 40 when you embrace who you truly are and love it! MORE!!!

Isis said...

Laurence: It's a generation thing, I think, and sometime I worry that I must seem old and boring, but only occasionly. :) I think I look better than I did 15 years ago as well!

jmsewingstudio: I agree with you! You can't be too old for it!

Isis said...

Bunny Moreno: It seems that most people do that- which is nice! I have friends from all stages of life as well and it makes my life richer!

superheidi: Glad you liked it!

Isis said...

Dangtryagain: I haven't personally been told that, but a friend of mine has and I think it's a really boring option. I too feel much better about myself now that I did in my 20'!

Artemisia Moltabocca: I too am interested in all centuries and decades but not the 80's. Perhaps it has to do with being a teenager back then... *shudders at the thought of the shocking pink sweater and lipstick I wore at 15- along with BIG hair*

Isis said...

LollyWillowes: Very silly! Perhaps it stems from people just knowing about 50's pin-up/teenage style, which back then was a young style. Though I can't see why you shouldn't wear it when you are older if you like it.

funwithvintage: So true, we all get into our 40's and 50's and so on, if we live long enough. And I would like to feel stylish in whatever age. My grandmother wore a red leather coat and a jaunty black beret when she was in her 80's and looked great!

Isis said...

RetroGran: I think that is the most important bit- too feel good in what you wear!

VeraVenus: I don’t wear 70’s and 80’s for the same reason!

Isis said...

Desirae Day: I have a hard time imaging wearing something else as well. I'm sure my taste will evolve, but not radically change.

Ange: I didn't mind turning 40 either. :)

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