Friday, 1 June 2012

Weddings and Fraulein Frauke

Last Saturday I combined going to a wedding with Fraulein Frauke Presents Cuba Libre, which made for a long, but fun day. Unfortunately I’m still not completely recovered and had to call it a day at midnight- just when the party started. The bride of the wedding is the daughter of my parent's best friends and I used to babysit her when I was 15 and she was 5. She got married in her parent’s garden and had evidently talked with the weather gods, because it was the perfect temperature for a party outside. It was very nice and it’s always nice to see my sister, who doesn’t live in Stockholm.

The dress is a late 1930’s silk gown that I found at FabGabs on sale. It’s absolutely lovely, though I have to confess, a little too tight on me. Oh well. You could also see my slip at the armholes, hence the artfully draped shawl. Rather troublesome, actually, as it insisted on dropping. Here is my Mum helping.

Shoe shot! I had pink shoes, of course.

I was quite pleased with my hair and it was simple enough to make. I used my fake braid as hair band and glued the flowers to hairpins. The inspiration, though a lot modified, came from this picture of Rita Hayworth.

Not the best picture, but a good one of my handbag. My grandmother Greta made it in the late 40’s and used lizard skin. It’s rather fragile, so I don’t use it much.

At Fraulein Frauke with Pimpinett. Her voodoo turban won her the best dress price.

And, for once, my darling and I on the same picture, though a bit dorky-looking.

You can see photos from the show and party here, taken by Mr. Frauke, John Paul Bichard.


Deb said...

Love the dress and hair, you look lovely - I love shawls for covering up too, especially over my chunky arms!

Isis said...

Thank you so much, Deb! Shawls are very useful items. :)

Second Hand Rose said...

You look absolutely gorgeous and I love your hair! XxxX

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