Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The makeup and hair of today

Lina Sofia recently did a makeup post whish inspired me to show you what I very often look like.

I’m a fickle creature when it comes to makeup. I rarely do the same one two days running, especially when it comes to the matter of eye shadow. A quick survey tells me that I have managed to accumulate some 140 shades and I need to keep them in rotation. Still, those mornings I have to get up at 4.30 I don’t particularly feel like playing around, and then I want quick and tried out. A 40’s makeup is actually just about the quickest makeup one can do and an ordinary working day this makeup, with some variation, is what I do.

And here is what I need to pull it off. Note my incredibly pretty powder puff from Ageless Artifice.

I have an extremely sensitive skin, and get breakouts from just about everything. Hormones, stress, tummy ache, not washing my face and moisture it twice daily, perfumed creams and dry air all make me blotchy, or worse. So I have to be very careful with what I use in my face. With that said I am not at all true to any particular brand. I pick the best form all over.
Foundation I started to use mineral foundations years ago. It’s easy to get thing, barely showing on the skin while still covering up well. All mineral foundations aren’t equal, though. I have used i-d., which was fine but far too yellow to really suit me. Everyday Minerals have better colours, but my skin hates it with a passion. Then a friend (Lithia, I’m looking at you) recommended Lucy Minerals . I love! It works perfectly, it’s easy to apply and the shades work well for my skin tone. There is also a white shade, so it is possible to mix your own foundation colour. I only use it where it is needed, which for me is the nose, cheeks and chin.
Powder I use Diamond Perfect Finish from Purely Cosmetics a very finely milled powder that can be used as a primer too. A little goes a long way, with it.
Rouge I use very little rouge ordinarily and usually this one, Crushed Hazelnut from Laura Mercier. Nice natural shade.
Eye shadow Most of my eye shadow are actually from the same company, Fyrinnae . They do loose eye shadows of excellent quality and in any colour one can possibly wish for. The ones I used for this particular makeup are called French Vanilla Shake, pinkish beige with some sparkles and Iberian Lynx, a golden brown which is a bit sparkly as well. They do matte, shiny and super sparkly as well as some awesome duochromes as well. The best buy from Fyrinnae is not their eye shadows, but something called Pixie Epoxy. It’s basically a glue for your eye shadow. A very, very thin layer over a primer or on its own and your eye shadow looks like new after wearing it for a whole day. Admittedly not the biggest problem in the world, but I always has creases or no eye shadow left after a few hours before I started to use it. Despite its staying power it’s also very easy to wash off and as you need so little, the tube lasts forever. I also use a gel eyeliner, as I feel they are the easiest by far to handle.
Mascara and eyebrow I always buy my mascaras on sales. I have never found a mascara superior to all other, so I buy whatever brand I find for a good price. As for eyebrows, I bought a two-toned eyebrow shade at Body Shop once upon a time, which works well. I also use a clear eyebrow gel- I think it is Lumicense.
Lips I almost always use a lip pen as my mouth needs some shape corrections and then whatever colour I fancy for the day on my lipstick. This is an old favourite, Max Factor Lipfinity 120.

This is not what my hair looks every day, but quite often it is something similar.

If I’m not rushed and I just fling it up in a bun or a ponytail. Today my hair was nice and co-operative and freshly pin-curled and turned out rather well. The left side is a victory roll and the right a faux roll from the Tatum’s tutorial that I posted with my birthday hair. Some curls in the middle didn’t want to go into any of them, so I just pinned them where they wanted to be. One things my hair never manages is to look sleek. No matter what I always look a bit messy and fuzzy and I have learned to live with it and have decided that it is part of my charm.


Cinquefoil said...

First of all, I am veeery envious of your lovely hair! Having very thing, very slippery sort of hair myself, all these lovely hairdos are an absolute nightmare. And your make-up looks so pretty, I have to check out the mineral foundation you mention as I too can not wear most makeups due to extremely sensitive skin and it would be lovely to find a suitable mineral foundation. And naturally, absolutely adore the fluffy puff, every self-respecting lady needs one. :)


Cinquefoil said...

Just went to take a peek at the lucyminerals and thought I'd ask you which shades you use yourself for the foundation?

Isis said...

Thank you! It's bismuth in a lot of mineral product and a lot of people react to that. LM is without. I use Fair right now, but depending on season I have also used Light and, I think, Bisque. I ordered several samples so I could try out the right colour.

Lady Cherry said...

Lovely hair! I haven't tried that shade of res, looks good.

Isis said...

Thank you, Lady Cherry!

casey said...

You look so lovely! My hair frizzes too and never looks sleek--no matter how many "anti frizz" and "smoothing" products and serums I try. hehe! Like you, I've just accepted that as a "charm"! :)

- Casey

Rowenna said...

Gorgeous hair! It makes me want to chop mine off so I can copy you :)

Isis said...

Casey: Thank you, you are so sweet! And your hair always look great, so clearly sleek isn't the best. :)

Rowenna: Thank you! Oh no, don't cut your lovely hair! Think of all the great stuff you can do that I can't!

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